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A1 0.8cm Ultra Slim Snap Frame Light Box
Category: Ultra Slim LED Light boxes   


Was $324.00 each

Now 30% off to

$226.80 each

Slimmest light box in the world with only 0.8cm in thickness. The light source is LED, which is more energy efficient and has longer life expectancy than ordinary tube light boxes. Products comes with transformer cord, plug and play, easy installations.


Why LED?


  • 0.8cm thickness, super slim, light weight and heavy duty, stylish appeal


  • easy to change inserts.


  • LED panel only brings even and smooth illumination


  • Expected life up to 8-10 years


  • Compact design, increase utilisation areas


  • Saved 60-80% electric than traditional tube light boxes


  • Reduce installation and maintainance time


  • High safety performance than standard light boxes




Application: Exhibition shows, menu boards, restaurants, shopping centres, etc.



Size: A1 = 594 x 841mm






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